Carbon Neutrality Roadmap

Global warming poses a growing threat to human society, and leaders in different countries and industries have embarked on practical actions to mitigate climate impacts. Under the leadership of these pioneering forces, it is expected that more organizations/enterprises/individuals will follow the path of energy conservation and carbon reduction, and contribute to the global carbon reduction cause.

It is true that the status quo of each industry is different, but the nine key measures have laid the foundation for a more personalized and refined net-zero emission route in the future. These measures cover target planning, internal operations, and the dimension of value chain cooperation. All walks of life can formulate more specific and detailed net-zero transformation plans on this basis.


Inventory and set carbon neutrality goals

Internal operations

Optimizing Operational Energy Efficiency

Increase the use of renewable energy in business operations

Create green buildings

Advocate green work style value chain cooperation

value chain cooperation

Helping decarbonize supply chains

Design sustainable products

Adopt downstream green logistics services

Launch products and services that help decarbonize other industries